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Now he was trying to tell me it was the other way around. I treat her like a queen and she treats me like shit

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. . His hips were noticeably wider, accommodating a more feminine hourglass figure and a full, enticing rear which he couldn’t help but sink his fingers into Tits Comendo. . ” She hugged me tight and opened her mouth a little and kissed me hard enticing my tongue to mix with hers

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That night, I kept thinking of Jan in a gang bang, the picture in my mind made me fuck her over and over, filling her and giving her multiple orgasms.


” Greg laughed and grabbed my hips, pulling me down onto his dick. We hadn’t gotten a chance to really talk yet; when I got home he was in his office finishing up some work

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. He just slugged me in the arm really hard and told me I am a prick