Boobies Reflections of innocence - Scene 3 Outdoors

Boobies Reflections of innocence - Scene 3 Outdoors play
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Corey lifted his legs higher and rested his ankles on JD’s shoulders as he began to pick up the speed and get a rhythm going Lesbian. Corey said that was incredible when you were humming I didn’t think I was ever going to stop cumming. . You rub your tongue deeply into me once more and flick my clit with your finger, the heat and tightness on your tongue rising as I prepare for a massive orgasm, you smile as you get more juice to swallow and gasp as I arch high and push my hips forwards your mouth suddenly overflowing with my juice as my orgasm explodes, I pull my sensitive nipples hard and twist them as I loose control your hands holding my ass giving me support as you lick continually through my orgasm until I finally come down from it. You started to say how you’d lick the nipples, your hands rubbing my breasts as your tongue worked over the hard nubs, slowly working down towards my pussy your fingers would touch my clit and rub it a little as your lips continued to suck and play with the nipples, pulling with your teeth lightly and gently

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